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  • Councill Courts - Huntsville, AL

Councill Courts is a public housing community located in downtown of Huntsville, AL. Boulevard Group, Inc. (BG) was engaged by the Huntsville Housing Authority (HHA) to assist in the preparation of a development feasibility study (revitalization strategy) for Councill Courts, a 196 unit community. HHA desired that BG explore a financial strategy that would enable HHA to develop replacement housing without the availability of HHA capital funds. BG proposed five scenarios to HHA. HHA selected a development approach which involved the construction of an elderly community of 98 units onsite at Councill Courts and the acquisition of 200 affordable multifamily rentals to be rehabilitated by HHA and its development partner using LIHTC resources. In addition, a homeownership program could support 28 additional affordable housing units offsite. Unique to this strategy was the replacement of 100% of the original Councill Courts units without any HHA funding.

Project Highlights:

  • 336 new multi-family rental and for-sale housing units
  • 98 units of Senior Housing, 200 multifamily units, and 28 affordable homeownership units
  • $20 million revitalization without HOPE VI or PHA Capital Funds
  • Project duration April 2005—May 2006.
Michael O’Lundy, Executive Director
Huntsville Housing Authority
200 Washington St.
Huntsville, AL 35810
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