Park Boulevard - Chicago, IL

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  • Park Boulevard - Chicago, IL
  • Park Boulevard - Chicago, IL
  • Park Boulevard - Chicago, IL

Stateway Gardens, a 33-acre development, originally consisted of eight high-rise buildings which accounted for 1,644 public housing units. This site is surrounded by the Chicago Police Department’s new Central District Headquarters, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and U.S. Cellular Park. The master plan for this project calls for diverse housing types that include town houses, three, four, five and six flats, and mid-rise buildings. The new Stateway Gardens redevelopment will be known as Park Boulevard.

Project Highlights:

  • More than 1,300 units will be built as part of the plan for Stateway redevelopment; 885 units on-site and 430 units off-site.
  • Off-site construction began during the summer of 2003 with 86 units complete
  • On-Site construction began April 2006; Phase I, consisting of 391 units, is complete. Phase II, consisting of 385 units, will begin construction in 2009
  • In 2008, BG prepared the HOPE VI application for Stateway Gardens enabling the Chicago Housing Authority to be awarded $20 million
James Miller
Stateway Associates, LLC
350 W. Ontario St., 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60610
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